About Duralite Trailers

All Roads Lead to Duralite Trailers

Duralite Trailers was the vision of one man back in the 1980s, and his goal was to build the best trailer he could and protect his animals at the same time.

It was more than just a work trailer to him – it was a part of his every day farm life and legacy. Almost 35 years later that still remains true. The trailers are handcrafted by hardworking people, not machines or conveyor setups. When the trailer is squared we know that it’s square, not just close enough. Our goal is to send quality down the road, not just quantity.

Being built in South Dakota where the roads are gravel, the work doesn’t stop until an hour after sunset and we still believe that our customers are family.

Duralite Trailers will not just be your next trailer, but your forever trailer.

Duralite Trailers Proudly Sponsors

Grand Champions

The SD State Fair Grand Champion went to the Open Class Breeding Beef Winner. We were offered this opportunity between the years of 2009 to 2012 to donate a 25′ livestock trailer to be used for the transportation of his/her personal livestock for a term of 1 year.

At the end of their Grand Champion reign, the trailer is either purchased at a discounted price to the winning individual or returned back to Duralite in good condition with normal wear and tear. The trailer has an estimated value of $18,000.

South Dakota 4-H

After sponsoring the SD State Fair Grand Champion Trailer for a number of years, it dawned on me one day when I was at the State Fair and watched a young gal walking her goat down the road outside the beef barn, that nobody does much for them. So, a few years later, we started this as a way for the younger kids to earn something in their divisions throughout their years of 4-H.

Between Duralite Trailers, LLC and the 4-H Livestock Division, comes the placement of a Duralite Stock Box with the current year’s champion for his/her personal use and enjoyment. The 4H Livestock Division Champion will be selected from the winners of the different classifications of sheep, goats and swine. At the end of the final day of judging, the winner’s names are placed into a hat and one name is drawn to receive the stock box that has an estimated value of $2000.

Scott Schiffner

Scott has competed in several associations including Professional Bull Riders (PBR), Canadian Professional Rodeo Association (CPRA) and Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA), and his exposure in the marketplace is far reaching. Scott has been one of the featured cowboys on the Gemini award-winning Life/Style documentary series “Hell on Hooves” for three years. This series has been sold around the world.

FFA Foundation

Born and raised in a small town of around 1,200 people, you have a real feel of community. The Clark FFA members have always given back as often as they can in so many ways for so many years, from putting together playground equipment to serving pancakes.

As a business I have also donated aluminum and lent them my shop tools for projects. Duralite has started buying FFA jackets for some of the members through the South Dakota FFA Organization and something it will continue to do. It’s a great way to give back and invest in our youth and your community.